Grant Recipients

These are a few selected projects and organizations that the Riverfront Park Community Foundation has supported over the last 15 years. 

Civic Center Conservancy

The Foundation awarded a grant to Civic Center Conservancy for the purpose of restoring and enhancing the historic, cultural and community-based hub at Denver’s Civic Center Park and for continuing programming to ensure a successful revitalization of the park. 

Colorado UpLift

The Foundation awarded a grant to Colorado UpLift to support year-round teaching and mentoring programs that help downtown Denver students achieve more successful educational outcomes and increase post-secondary enrollment.

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Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) 

Centrally located in downtown Denver, Denver Center for the Performing Arts works with schools within a five-mile radius of Riverfront Park by offering an Arts In Education program. Grants from the Foundation help sponsor classes in dramatic learning, free admission to student matinees, and competitions in youth playwriting.

Greenway Foundation

Each year, the Greenway Foundation, residents and volunteers clean and maintain trails along the South Platte River. Funding from the Foundation supports the cleanup of the Platte River along Riverfront Park, Commons Park and Confluence. In addition, grant funds have been dedicated to Art on the River, which provides an opportunity for over 100 children and their families to connect to the River and the neighborhood through arts and crafts.


Museum of Contemporary Art

Located within the Riverfront community, the Museum of Contemporary Art, with a grant from the Riverfront Park Community Foundation, has selected 12 students to participate in a six-week workshop called Failure Lab. Working closely with professional artists, students are tasked with creating peer-to-peer programming to engage other teens in learning job skills incorporating planning, execution, public relations, marketing, communication, etc. Failure Lab encourages students to take chances and express themselves in unique and new ways.

Colorado Conservation Trust

The Foundation awarded a grant to Colorado Conservation Trust to increase public outreach and adoption of best practices by Denver Parks and Recreation in planning efforts and implementation of projects related to transit-oriented developments, natural areas and corridors, and water quality planning.

Commons Park Seeps Project

Through the Commons Park Seeps project, Riverfront residents and volunteers work in unison with Denver Parks and Recreation. The Foundation grant provides dog waste bags for the Railyard Dog Park in our Riverfront neighborhood, and fills the pet stations at neighboring Commons Park. Volunteers and residents also work with Covillo Landscaping to enhance the neighborhood entrance to Commons Park with flowers and natural landscaping.

Denver Health Foundation

Denver’s primary community hospital, Denver Health works diligently at bringing outreach programs and health care to all Denver residents, regardless of the ability to pay. The Foundation awarded a grant to the Denver Health Foundation to support the School Based Health programs at the downtown Denver DPS schools.

Hope Center

Grants from the Foundation to Hope Center, through their Early Childhood Education program, serve downtown Denver and Riverfront neighborhoods. The Early Childhood Education program serves children who have developmental disabilities/delays, or who are at risk or even gifted. Many of these families have a household income at 200% or less of the federal poverty guidelines.



Since inception within the Riverfront Park community, the Foundation was involved in the capital startup of PlatteForum and continues to support this one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring together art, education and youth in a creative, fun and highly educational learning environment. In 2006, they were recognized with the Mayor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. In 2011, PlatteForum was recognized as one of the best youth arts programs in the United States when it received the National Arts and Humanities Youth.

We Don't Waste

The Foundation played a critical role in establishing We Don’t Waste during its startup period. We Don’t Waste picks up and distributes unused food from venues, events, caterers, restaurants and major food distributors and delivers the products to community-based non-profits in the downtown Denver community to address poverty and children. 

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Colorado Succeeds

A grant was awarded to Colorado Succeeds’ Colorado School Grades program. This program provided parents with clear, intuitive, and objective school performance information that helps families easily understand the complicated state school choice and enrollment options by translating school performance data into easy-to-understand letter grades.

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Denver B-Cycle

The Riverfront Park neighborhood is in the heart of Denver’s new transportation district. Just east of the Riverfront neighborhood is the light rail, 16th Street free mall bus and Denver Union Station. Add in the Denver B-Cycles, and Denver is quickly becoming an exceptionally easy city to live in without the use of a car. The Foundation has granted funds to Denver B-Cycles and sponsors a bike station in the immediate Riverfront vicinity.

Denver Public Schools Foundation

The Foundation granted funds to Denver Public Schools Foundation to support the Leveled Literacy Intervention program. Funding provides supplementary instruction to K–5th grade students in the DPS system who are struggling in reading and writing. 

Kempe Center

The Kempe Center is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the field of child abuse and neglect. The Center opened in 1972 recognizing that children in our neighborhoods were being abused, that children’s safety was a real threat and that something must be done. The Riverfront Park Community Foundation has awarded grants to Kempe in support of The Child Protection Team (CPT) and The IMHOFF Clinic (Improving Mental Health of Families). CPT provides in-depth medical evaluations and care at outpatient clinics as well as inpatient and emergency departments at Children’s Hospital Colorado care locations. IMHOFF Clinic works directly with children and families who have experienced difficult life events, including physical or sexual abuse, neglect or loss. 



The Riverfront Park Community Foundation has funded various art installations in and around the Riverfront Park neighborhood.

The Foundation funded "The Red Forest" that is located in the plaza at Riverfront Park, adjacent to the Millennium Bridge. In addition, the Foundation periodically funds events and activities for residents of Riverfront Park, such as DCPA’s Shakespeare in the Parking Lot and Swallow Hill’s summer concerts in Commons Park. The Foundation also has funded research programs that look at recreational and environmental needs within the Riverfront Park neighborhood and surrounding downtown Denver locations (e.g. playgrounds.) 



The Railyard Dog Park stemmed from a group of Downtown Denver residents and interested neighbors who joined together to find a place where dogs can be dogs. They found the parcel of land just under an acre at 19th and Bassett Street. The land was already dedicated to park land and Denver Parks and Recreation didn’t have the funding to build it out. In 2006 The Railyard Dogs charitable organization was created to raise funds to construct the park and otherwise improve the lives of Downtown Denver dogs. The Riverfront Park Community Foundation gave an initial grant to the organization that helped jumpstart this project and then in 2010 did a one-to-one match that helped get the project across the finish line. 

The dog park is located on 19th and Bassett Street, just around the corner from Denver Skatepark and Commons Park.