Art Installations: 

The Riverfront Park Community Foundation has funded various art installations in and around the Riverfront Park neighborhood.

The Foundation funded "The Red Forest" that is located in the plaza at Riverfront. In addition, the Foundation periodically funds events and activities for residents of Riverfront Park. The Foundation also has funded research programs that look at recreational and environmental needs within the Riverfront Park neighborhood and surrounding downtown Denver locations (example: playgrounds.) 

Railyard Dog Park:

The Railyard Dog Park stemmed from a group of Downtown Denver residents and interested neighbors who joined together to find a place where dogs can be dogs. They found the parcel of land just under an acre at 19th and Bassett Street. The land was already dedicated to park land and Denver Parks and Recreation didn’t have the funding to build it out. In 2006 The Railyard Dogs charitable organization was created to raise funds to construct the park and otherwise improve the lives of Downtown Denver dogs. The Riverfront Park Community Foundation gave an initial grant to the organization that helped jumpstart this project and then in 2010 did a one-to-one match that helped get the project across the finish line. 

The dog park is located on 19th and Bassett Street, just around the corner from Denver Skatepark and Commons Park.